Carrollton man accused of alleged arson released on reduced bond

By Benjamin Cox on February 28, 2019 at 10:37am

A Carrollton man who allegedly set his place of residence on fire has been released.

According to public Greene County court documentation, 33 year old Joseph Angle, of rural Carrollton, is no longer in law enforcement custody. Angle appeared in court yesterday.

It has been previously reported that Greene County Sheriff Deputies arrested Angle on October 13th, 2018, at around 4:00 pm for arson and criminal damage to property over $300.

Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen has previously reported to WLDS/WEAI News that Angle was arrested at his home, located southwest of Carrollton, after deputies with his office and the Carrollton Fire Department responded to a report that Angle’s home was on fire.

According to Sheriff McMillen, it is apparently believed that Angle intentionally set fire to the residence, which he does not own. The house was reportedly a total loss. The Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office is also listed as an active participant in the arson investigation.

Public court records show that Angle was released to the custody of his parents after a motion to reduce bond was granted earlier this month.

As for the hearing yesterday, the pre-trial session was continued to March 15th at 2:15 pm. Court documents say Angle will be subject to any and all random court-ordered drug tests. Angle must also follow the recommendations of a discharge summary report from Gateway.