Carrollton Pool Aiming To Open in Early July

By Benjamin Cox on June 4, 2020 at 8:46am

An area public pool is aiming to open near the 4th of July. The Greene Prairie Press reports that the Carrollton Municipal Pool has plans for reopening around the beginning of July. Carrollton Pool Board Chair Sharon Butler told the paper that they are unsure what rules and regulations will look like from the Illinois Department of Public Health but they have received their licenses within the last week. Butler says the pool is ready to go whenever the state decides to lift the gathering size restrictions.

The pool had to make $3400 worth of repairs in their chemical room before they were issued their license this year. The pool will be missing its diving board currently as it had fallen out of regulation. Butler told the Greene Prairie Press that a new diving board was on order and it will take another 5 weeks before its completed by the company and then possibly another 2 weeks to be completely installed. She said she hopes it is up by the end of the pool season. Currently, the pool board is fronting the full $8000 of the cost of the diving board and is working on reimbursement from the Carrollton City Council at a later date.