Cass Back in COVID Warning While Morgan and Greene Fall Off

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 10, 2020 at 8:32am

COVID-19 metrics continue to fluctuate in West Central Illinois with more counties switching places on the state’s warning list

In a week that saw daily state case confirmations top 3000 in one day, and over 40 deaths reported two separate times, Region 3 continues to see steady numbers, keeping at arms length increased mitigation measures.

26 counties are now listed as in a warning area by the Illinois Department of Public Health this week. Locally Morgan, Greene and Brown counties have fallen out of warning area metric numbers, while Cass County is back on the list of those concerning to IDPH.

Morgan County has dropped to a 4.7% positivity rate after posting 8.8% last week. Morgan also dropped the new cases per 100,000 population metric from 135 down to 91, with 701 tests performed on the week compared to 624 last week.

Greene is up a bit in positivity, rising from 5.9% to 6.9%, however the main metric putting Greene in the warning last week, dropped significantly this week in going from 146 to just 84 new cases per 100,000.

And Brown County fell just under the bar for warning, with 7.4% positivity after having the highest rate statewide last week with 24.7%. Brown also dropped per population metric numbers from 366 down to 153.

Cass County is trending upward again however, going from 7.6% positivity to 9.3% this week. Cass also saw an increase in population numbers from 114 up now to 131. The increase for Cass is still lower than two weeks ago when positivity sat at 14.1%.

Currently, IDPH is reporting the preliminary seven-day statewide positivity rate is trending up again, now at 3.8%, while as a whole, Region 3 is currently holding at 5.2%