Cass Co. Health Department Beardstown Location Moving

By Benjamin Cox on May 27, 2022 at 5:57am

The Cass County Health Department is moving its Beardstown facility.

The Cass County Star Gazette reports that the health department recently purchased the former Myers & Myers CPA building at the corner of 15th and Wall Streets in Beardstown. The current facilities are housed near Heritage Manor in Beardstown at 8590 Lukes Drive.

Myers & Myers members told the paper that they are moving into a new location on State Street in downtown Beardstown in the next couple of weeks.

Cass County Health Department Administrator Teresa Armstrong told the Star Gazette that the health department had run out of space. The Health Department is expected to take possession of the building on June 30th.

Armstrong also told the Star Gazette that the Health Department is going to work with a project manager to develop a site plan and let bids within the next two months to redevelop the property.

The new facility will have 8 exam rooms, more than doubling their current space, and will have expanded space for behavioral health. There may also be plans for a drive-thru for testing and flu shots at the location. Armstrong also says that some offices from the Virginia location will be relocating to the new Beardstown site once it’s completed.