Cass County Health Department Receives Women’s Wellness Grant

By Benjamin Cox on October 3, 2019 at 1:16pm

The Cass County Health Department recently received a significant grant to improve women’s health screenings from the Illinois Department of Public Health. IDPH announced yesterday that the Cass County Health Department will receive around $23,000 to help increase the number of women in the county who receive annual wellness checks.

Cass County was one of 14 organizations in the state to receive a part of $350,000 in the initiative to help women in the state get critical preventative health services for feminine wellness issues.

Andrew English, representative of the Cass County Health Department said some of the plans are to reach out to many healthcare providers in the area to begin creating an all-inclusive pamphlet that would be easily distributed in the county providing information and resources on where women can go to get preventative care and wellness checks.

English says they will also try some non-traditional forms of outreach in the community by starting up a podcast that will host people from the local health department as well as representatives at IDPH to discuss the importance of wellness checks and to give information about women’s health issues. English says the Cass County Health Department will also host a series of seminars and meetings with residents and local organizations to raise awareness about the program in the county.

English says that a lot of the next several months will be getting in touch with healthcare providers in the area to see what women’s services are available and getting things organized for a complete rollout into the community.

To learn more about the program, visit or give them a call at 452-3057 at their Virginia location or at 323-2242 in Beardstown.