Cass County To Launch Website Next Week

By Benjamin Cox on November 25, 2019 at 8:38pm

One of the last counties in the state to not have a website will launch next week. Cass County will be launching its own website next week in hopes of giving citizens more information about the county government and tourism. It’s one of 4 counties in the state that did not have a website. Work on the website began in January, and completion of the website was announced at the November 11th board meeting.

Hanson Information Systems has worked with all of the county’s departments and said that they had completed most of their work during the October board meeting. The rest of this month has been putting it all together so citizens can easily find what they’re looking for. Information about county officials, county committee meetings, the county budget and meeting agendas will be able to be easily found. Currently, the County Clerk has to mail out this information or people have to come to the courthouse for the information.

The website is set to possibly launch on December 2nd.