Cass County Water District No Longer in Budget Deficit

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 14, 2020 at 12:25pm

The Cass County Rural Water District is operating in the black again after running consistently with a financial shortfall.

The Cass County Board was updated on the status of the department during their meeting last night. Recent restructuring of department finances has streamlined the budget giving the district a financial cushion each month.

Cass County Board Chairman Michael Barnett said that both water districts in the county are now in good shape now that the Cass County Rural Water District is no longer operating under a budget deficit each month.

They basically restructured some of their financing, and that gave them some cash flow of about $8,000.00 a month to the positive, and when you add in another 63 customers, that’s only going to increase that cash flow. So everything is positive on really both of the water districts here in Cass County.”

Recent expansion of the district farther to the north in Cass County gave the district 63 new water customers access to the service. Talks of an expansion of a rural water line between Ashland and Pleasant Plains are currently in the preliminary stages.