Cass Courthouse Getting Electrical & Security Upgrades

By Benjamin Cox on February 16, 2023 at 11:33am

The Cass County Courthouse has updates in its future.

The Cass County Board recently passed an ordinance to purchase a metal detector that will be installed at the courthouse’s south entrance.

Cass County Board Chairman Bill Merriman says the next big update will be a complete rewiring of the courthouse: “We’ve actually got a bid out to rewire the whole courthouse. It’s a major job. I think we meet to open the bids out on March 2nd.”

The opening of the bids has been scheduled for Noon that day with a possible special session of the Cass County Board’s Renovations committee to meet directly after to approve the recommendation of a bid to the full board for the project. No estimates on the cost of the project has been given.

The building was built in 1872 when the Cass County seat was moved from Beardstown back to Virginia. Major additions came to the building in 1891 and 1913, and the west wing of the building was enlarged in 1913. The last major remodel of the courthouse occurred