Cass Sheriff Speaks on County Drug Problem After Beardstown Arrest

By Benjamin Cox on October 5, 2021 at 4:23pm

A local county sheriff is fed up with drug trafficking in his county.

Cass County Sheriff Devron Ohrn said in a posted video last night after a drug arrest in Beardstown that he has grown tired of methamphetamine trafficking in Cass County: “I’m so sick and tired of people selling methamphetamine in Cass County. You are ruining the lives of everybody whether or not they are doing the drugs or not. It destroys families. It destroys the lives of their children forever for a drug. I’m sick and tired of it, and honestly, if you want to do that, move. Get out of here. Go live in another county where they want you to do that stuff, because it’s not here. As long as I’m around here, we are going to keep fighting this, and I’m not going to give up. I have a great group of people that we just added to, and we’re not going to stop fighting this.”

Ohrn made the video at approximately 8PM last night from a residence in the 800 block of West 7th Street in Beardstown. 42 year old Bogarth O. Lopez was arrested at the residence and booked into the Schuyler County Jail for possession of methamphetamine, methamphetamine delivery, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, and a Schuyler County warrant for a petition to revoke probation on a possession of methamphetamine less than 5 grams charge and cruelty to animals warrant. Lopez remains lodged at the Schuyler County Jail.

Ohrn went on to say in the video that Lopez’s residence was closed for business and those that had bought drugs or dropped off drugs at the residence are allegedly on a list for local law enforcement to come visit for arrest in the near future.

In a follow-up video posted this afternoon, Ohrn says he is not a “lock ’em and throw away the key” type when it comes to the War on Drugs. Ohrn says he and his officers have often tried to give help to many in the community who have a drug addiction by either driving them to a drug treatment facility, helping them find counseling and more. Ohrn says his biggest issue is with those who profit off of people’s addiction. In the follow-up, he asked anyone who truly wants help to visit him at the Sheriff’s Office, even if they have drugs in hand, and he would personally dispose of the drugs and drive them to the help that they need at one of the many drug treatment facilities or programs in the area. Ohrn hopes the videos raise awareness about the problems the Cass County community faces when it comes to drug addiction and drug trafficking.