Cass Supervisor of Assessments Contract on Hold

By Benjamin Cox on February 17, 2023 at 8:51am

The Cass County Board is still working out details on a new contract for the county’s Supervisor of Assessments.

The County Board adjourned into executive session for approximately a half hour this past Monday night to discuss possible approval of a revised contract or agreement with the Supervisor of Assessments Theresa M. Cooper. The Cass County Board eventually voted unanimously to table the contractual agreement for further discussion and possible action at the March board meeting.

WLDS News has received anonymous tips from listeners in Cass County recently saying they are unhappy with the Cass County Assessors Office because they believe they have been over-assessed on their property tax bills. According to those sources, they currently are adjudicating the assessments in the local court system.

Cass County Board Chair Bill Merriman told WLDS on Monday after the meeting that he was unaware of the current litigation over the assessments and the board’s discussion was on a different matter with the contract: “What we talked about tonight, of course, was in executive session. I can say that [the assessment issues] wasn’t any part of it. We were going over the contract, you know, what was in there.”

According to, an Illinois public salaries database, Cooper’s last available annual salary was from 2019, and was $49,783 as a base salary with $5,985 reported as extra income. Cooper also has a chief deputy and two deputy assessors in her office.