CassComm Building Out Fiber Imprint In Jacksonville Area

By Benjamin Cox on June 2, 2020 at 5:18am

Jacksonville residents may be seeing a lot more CassComm cable trucks in town. CassComm has been installing more fiber optic service along West Morton Avenue recently to connect to previous fiber Internet lines in the downtown area. According to a press release, the company has built a large backbone of infrastructure in town over the last 5 years connecting large portions of the community including portions near Passavant Area Hospital and Illinois College.

Tom Allen, COO of CassComm says that the company is looking to expand the business corridor along with having private citizens linking in with the project. “Our focus has been on businesses. We have traditionally focused more on business corridors [in Jacksovnille] like Walnut and Lafayette Avenues, and Morton Avenue. We’ll be reaching over to more businesses on Main Street as the year progresses.” CassComm currently has a line of service up to the north side railroad tracks with hopes of getting across the tracks into downtown very soon.

Allen says with a more symmetrical fiber optic service will provide a more reliable opportunity of services. Citizens will eventually be able to get gigabit Internet service at their door. CassComm has recently provided services to over 20 businesses in Jacksonville with fiber and connecting them with reliable broadband and phone services. Allen says that any business in the Jacksonville area that wants fiber optic Internet solutions can get it if they contact CassComm. More construction may be necessary in order for CassComm to get to a businesses location, but Allen says that CassComm is always willing to help and see what they can do to get you service.