Central IL Food Bank Hosts Food Giveaway at Walnut Court Substation

By Benjamin Cox on October 30, 2021 at 9:22am

The Central Illinois Foodbank along with several Jacksonville service organizations partnered together yesterday in a massive food giveaway event.

Healthy Jacksonville’s Lori Hartz says that volunteers braved the cold and rain to pass out food yesterday: “This is the first time we have ever had rain for one of our food distribution days, but you know what? We had a crew of volunteers that wasn’t worried about getting wet, and there was a lot of people who came through and got a lot of food today. We were just worried about getting all of the food given away so people could go home and get dry.” Temperatures at mid-day yesterday were in the upper forties and lower 50s in the drizzling rain.

Hartz says several families will have ingredients for some upcoming holiday meals: “We had enough food for 240 families. I think that was about 15 pallets of food. There was ground turkey, lots of produce, peanut butter, cheese, and lots of things that people will be able to use to make soups and holiday meals.”

The drive through and walk up event was held at the Walnut Court Jacksonville Police Department substation starting at noon yesterday. For a schedule of upcoming food giveaways, visit centralilfoodbank.org.