Chandlerville Village President Resigns, Fire Chief & Assistant Fire Chief Relieved of Duty Amid IEPA Investigation

By Benjamin Cox on October 26, 2023 at 8:22am

Three people are out of a job with the Village of Chandlerville after an investigation from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

The Cass County Star Gazette reports that Chandlerville Village President Tim Richard resigned his position at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 17th as the result of the Illinois Environment Protection Agency investigating the burning of an abandoned building in the Village of Chandlerville without proper permits. The burn was conducted on Wednesday, October 11th according to the report. No address of the building was given.

According to the Star Gazette, Richard said he has no idea why the investigation was prompted, but had heard the IEPA wanted to talk to him. After having a conversation with someone from the IEPA, Richard, who was still mayor, removed Fire Chief Cory Simpson and Assistant Chief Tanner Force from their duties. He then appointed Kenny Collins as Acting Fire Chief.

Since the investigation is ongoing, Richard said he was limited into what he could say to the Star Gazette, but did say the village will likely receive heavy fines. Richard had served as Village President in Chandlerville since winning as a write-in candidate in 2013.

WLDS News has reached out to the IEPA for further comment on the investigation and more details.