Chapin American Legion Donated To the Village

By Benjamin Cox on April 12, 2019 at 11:49am

The Village of Chapin is looking to revitalize a donated community staple. The Chapin American Legion Post has donated their current building located at 530 Superior Street and the adjacent lots to the south of the building. The official acceptance of the property by the village took place on the Wednesday, April 9th village council meeting.

President Robert Luttrell explained that the Legion was having a difficult time sustaining the building and meeting their financial obligations and had approached the city as early as November of last year. “It’s kind of the local meeting place where they have weddings, graduations, or community cookouts. We felt that it was in the best interest of our citizens to acquire it and keep it going.”

The city hopes to also put the open lots and stage adjacent to the property to use for the possibility of bringing back a citywide picnic and the Big Country Days of the past. The committee that will eventually be assigned to the care of the legion property hopes to paint, roof, and update the legion building for local and area residents to rent for the future.

Luttrell was assured by the current Legion membership they are not disbanding, despite lacking funds to maintain the upkeep on the building property. “They will remain there just like they always have.”

Luttrell explains how the village will pay for some of the renovations with an estate donation. “We’re fortunate enough to have money left to us by Martha Allen and that’s the money we will be using. We’ve also applied for a grant with the USDA to help with bringing that property up to standard.”

In other business, the village is in the process of purchasing a new aeration system in the lagoon that has not seen an update since 1973. The city is in the process of applying for a federal grant to replace the system. The Village Board will hold a special session on Monday, April 15 to go through the final process of approval to begin construction on the lagoon project.