Chief Mann talks about Officer Coad’s move to Beardstown, new code enforcement officer

By Benjamin Cox on February 22, 2019 at 11:32am

South Jacksonville Police Chief Tim Mann is sharing thoughts on recent events in the village police department.

According to a recent story in the Jacksonville Journal-Courier, the village could be losing part-time village police officer Martin Coad to the Beardstown Police Department. The story reports that, despite 6 of the 8 trustees in Beardstown voting against Coad’s appointment to chief, Beardstown Mayor Leslie Harris named Coad as the city police department’s temporary chief.

South Jacksonville Chief Mann says Coad served the village dutifully.

“Martin Coad served the village for 24 years. Although he served part time and I did not see him every day in my tenure, I know that he always gave 110% in a valiant effort, and we will miss him being a part of the team.”

Bree Smith recently became code enforcement officer, dedicated specifically to ordinance violations. Chief Mann says Smith has become a welcome addition to the police department.

“We’re very excited to have Bree Smith, the new code enforcement officer, join the police department. I believe that it is better, when talking about enforcement of codes and fines, to have that person making those assessments to work out of the police department and work along side an officer. There are potentially hazardous situations that can arise when going around and enforcing ordinances and codes.”

The village police department was also one of the main topics for codification review at the committee of the whole session Thursday evening. Chief Mann describes thoughts on that process.

“The village codes and ordinances are a stack. It’s a large process. The council is clearly dedicated to scanning each and every one to make sure we have a solid outcome when all this is said and done. It’s a tedious process, and we’re just in the midst of it now.”

Last night’s codification meeting also served as code review regarding village water works as well as time for a closed session so trustees could review all of the closed session minutes from 2018. Mayor Harry Jennings, as well as trustees Stacy Pinkerton and John Gotschall, were not in attendance.