Citizens Utility Board Reports IL Has Lowest Electricity Prices in Midwest, 5th Lowest in the U.S.

By Benjamin Cox on November 15, 2022 at 6:21pm

The Citizens Utility Board says the State of Illinois has had the lowest average electricity bills in the Midwest for the tenth straight year.

The Energy Information Administration reported last week that Illinois’ average monthly electricity bill was $95.86 last year, which was well below the national average of $121.01. According to the EIA report, Illinois had the fifth lowest average bill in the country.

The Citizens Utility Board says that work still needs to be done on utility bills in the state after electricity supply prices skyrocketed this summer. CUB says they are now seeking ways to give short-term and long-term relief to consumers in Central Illinois who operate on the MISO grid. CUB says they are currently seeking a fast track to get clean energy projects into the MISO grid to lower bills for the region.