City of Pittsfield To Demolish Caved In Building On the Square

By Benjamin Cox on June 16, 2020 at 2:29pm

A Pittsfield square building is going to have to be torn down. WGEM reports that the City of Pittsfield is working to acquire the former Temptations Salon building on the west side of the square so that it can be demolished.

Pittsfield Mayor John Hayden told WGEM that the building has become a public safety hazard as the front portion of the building’s roof has collapsed and several bricks have been spotted randomly falling off the side of the building. Hayden says they are going to demolish the building carefully so it doesn’t create a domino effect of problems for the nearby connected buildings that are still occupied by businesses. The biggest danger would be to the Courtyard Cafe to the north.

Hayden told WGEM that the City plans to offer $5000 to the current owner of the building to purchase the lot to demolish the building. Hayden hopes that the city can attract new business to the square in the location. Hayden says that the current owner has agreed to the purchase and demolition while the city has already lined up a contractor to begin the work as soon as possible.