City of White Hall Gets Notification For Grant to Build New Water Tower

By Benjamin Cox on November 30, 2023 at 5:20pm

The City of White Hall received news early this month that they could get a new water built and paid for through a grant, but that news got to them slowly.

The Greene Prairie Press reports that the City administration received notification on November 3rd that they were the recipient of a nearly $2 million Rebuild Illinois grant to build a new 250,000-gallon water tower. The grant is a 100% grant, with no requirement for matching funds.

Brian Cannon of Benton & Associates told the City Council at their most recent board meeting that the agreement was actually signed in October, causing the city to lose a month in process of getting the project let for engineering bids, permitting, and siting. Cannon says that the loss of time could effect whether the project gets done within the window that the funds need to be expended.

According to the report, the city has been petitioning for the grant for 3 years. The city now has 30 days to advertise for bids on the engineering and construction of the project.