City of Winchester Welcomes New Chief of Police

By Benjamin Cox on October 27, 2020 at 12:40pm

The City of Winchester has a new chief of police. Former Chief George Lindsey announced his retirement to the Winchester City Council on August 25th after 20 years of service as chief and 40 years in law enforcement. At their October 7th meeting, the city council approved the hiring of Caleb Handy, originally from Ashland, as the new official chief. Handy had been operating on an interim tag since Lindsey’s retirement.

Mayor Rex McIntire says that Handy has been working part-time for the city for approximately 5 years and is set to bring some new ideas to the force: “This is no knock against George and the many years of work that he has put in, but I’m sure that Caleb is going to bring in some new ideas. He’s young and from a different generation. He’s already came up with some pretty good ideas that he’s brought to the council.”

The city had advertised the position, but ultimately decided to promote from within the department. The council unanimously agreed to the appointment, and is set to pay Handy a salary of $20 per hour. Handy also works for the Jacksonville Correctional Center as an officer. Handy has already put forth requests for a 4-wheeld drive vehicle for the police department and updating the communication software and equipment.

McIntire said that Handy is also wanting to do more community-oriented education and policing activities. McIntire thanked Lindsey for his many years of service to the department and to the City of Winchester, and wished him well in retirement. McIntire says that he and the city council is also hopeful for the future with Handy’s appointment.