City Reminds Residents Trash Containers Must be Put Away After Use

By Jeremy Coumbes on April 20, 2023 at 2:58pm

The City of Jacksonville is asking residents to help keep city streets clean- from garbage cans.

According to a press release this from the Mayor’s Office this morning, the city is reminding residents that garbage cans are not meant to be stored on the boulevard or in front yards unless it is trash pick-up day in their neighborhood.

Community Development Director Brian Nyberg says the announcement is just a reminder by the city following the change over from Area Waste to GFL.

There’s been a lot of confusion recently with the change in trash companies to GFL, and leaving everything out and not knowing if they have a container.

So we wanted to wait, which we have for several months before we put out a reminder that you can’t leave the trash containers out on the curb. The only day you can leave the containers on the curb is the day of trash pick up.”

According to the city ordinance, trash containers are to be moved back to the rear of the front building line structure and screened from visibility from the street in order to avoid a possible ordinance violation, according to the release.

City Clerk Skip Bradshaw said recently that GFL said they were still working to collect trash and recycle containers from those residents who opted out of their service, and that the homeowners were not responsible for the carts.

This morning’s press release did not indicate if all of those containers have been picked up yet. Nyberg says his office is aware of the issue and will work with homeowners who are in that situation.

We won’t fine them and will hopefully have communication with those residences because we know that’s probably going to be a problem. Then there’s the pickup that’s coming up in a couple of months that is going to cause problems. So just communication between the homeowner and this office would be good.”

The mayor’s office is asking all residents to help keep the city beautiful by doing their part to put cans back after trash is picked up. Anyone with questions on ordinances is directed to contact the Community Development Department at 217-479-4620.

For questions regarding trash service or bins that have not been picked up yet, contact GFL Environmental at 217-245-7204.