City Wide Yard Sale Returns for Holiday Weekend

By Jeremy Coumbes on May 19, 2024 at 7:00am

One of Central Illinois’ largest resale events returns to Jacksonville this weekend.

The Jacksonville City Wide Yard Sale returns during the Memorial Day Weekend. Organizer of the event, Ward 1 Alderwoman Eren Williams says last Sunday was the cut-off date to get your address in the paper, however, there will be several unlisted garage sales where everyone can find something for anyone.

So far we’re at one hundred and twelve addresses that will be published, but there will be many more that are not listed in the address lineup. Probably about a dozen people have called me since the cutoff date, and I told them there is going to be so many people in Jacksonville to go ahead and have it anyway.”

Williams says the annual Memorial Day Weekend Jacksonville City-Wide Yard Sale is one of if not the largest city-wide sale in Central Illinois, with sales happening in both Jacksonville and South Jacksonville, and beyond.

There are actually a few that I’ve taken addresses for that are outside of town. They’re still Jacksonville, but there is going to be a lot going on that weekend. But we have plenty of hotels, plenty of stores, and little shops. There is free wifi around town. You can go to Central Park and even Walmart has free wifi so if you need to look up addresses, it can be pretty simple.”

Willams says shoppers from both inside and outside of town will have easy access to find all the listed addresses for the sale. “You can find the addresses published in the Journal-Courier Friday and I believe in the weekend edition as well, and also in The Source this week.

We always put the addresses everywhere online so people can screenshot it if you want to do it that way or pick up a paper. But hopefully, everybody shares this information so we can get as many people from outside of town into Jacksonville as possible because this is really good for tourism.”

The Jacksonville City Wide Yard Sale loosely runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with suggested times of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. For more information, look up the Jacksonville City Wide Yard Sale event on Facebook.

927 Allen Avenue
17 Appomatox Avenue
1836 Baldwin Rd
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1 Baxter Place
341 East Beecher Avenue
1707 Belmont Street
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125 Caldwell Street
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4 Carter Drive
5 Carter Drive
13 Catalina Court
1206 Center Street
1420 Center Street
567 Cherry Street
200 East Chambers Street
421 South Church Street
856 South Clay Avenue
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