Commissioners Discuss Bills, Payroll; Zeller Gives Update on ARPA Spending

By Benjamin Cox on February 7, 2022 at 1:17pm

The Morgan County Commissioners met in quick fashion this morning with just two action items.

The most important was paying the county’s bill. Morgan County Commissioner Chair Brad Zeller says only one bill was out of the ordinary in the current cycle: “We have bills in the stated amount of $50,835.89. The only bill that I pulled out was $10,609 for DevNet.”

DevNet is the county’s software licensing company.

Zeller gave an update about American Rescue Plan funding after the meeting. He says that the county is very grateful for the extra funds to help complete the Morgan County Health Department’s move to the former Putnam-Springer Center on the old MacMurray College campus. He says once the move is completed in March, the county is looking at one more major project with the funds: “Then, we are going to be able to do a very substantial upgrade to the security system at the Morgan County Jail that [the commissioners] feel is way overdue. It’s been a blessing for Morgan County to have that extra influx of capital money.”

The commissioners will meet again next week. Zeller says it’s a bit out of sequence for them to meet two weeks in a row, but they need to take care of some more routine business prior to the end of the month.