Commissioners Pay Bills; Awaiting Engineer’s Plans For Upgrades to the Morgan County Jail

By Benjamin Cox on February 23, 2022 at 5:34am

The Morgan County Commissioners paid three major bills this morning in their lone action items.

Chairman Brad Zeller asked for approval of a traunch of American Rescue Plan Funding to be paid out to R.D. Lawrence for the latest round of renovations at the former Putnam-Springer buildings on North Clay Avenue in Jacksonville for the upcoming move of the Morgan County Health Department. The payment was for $174,605.83.

The Commissioners authorized the work in October of last year. Due to supply chain issues, the health department move isn’t expected to be completed until late May.

The second bill was for the county’s West Central Illinois Dispatch contract for $41,765; and the final bill was a payment to the Adams County Juvenile Detention Facility for $45,003 for the housing of the county’s juvenile inmates. In total, the county’s regular bills totaled $106,072.26.

The only other action item for the morning was an approval of a delinquent tax payment. Zeller says these are a normal action item that come up periodically as people pay off their back property taxes: “As we get these periodically through the year, this is a good thing because the individuals or individual has gotten caught up on all their past due taxes and the property goes back on the tax rolls. This is always a good thing.”

Zeller said after the meeting that engineering plans are currently being drafted for renovations at the Morgan County Detention Facility, with possible proposals currently delayed. He says the county is pressing to get those plans from their engineering firm as soon as possible.