Community Members Put Mouths on the Line for Charity Saturday

By Jeremy Coumbes on November 14, 2019 at 6:21pm

Some Jacksonville residents are going to get a warm up from the cold weather while raising money for local charities this weekend.

The Hot Ones Wing Challenge for charity is coming to K’s Creek Golf Club this Saturday. Ryne Turke who came up with the idea, said it was inspired by a popular YouTube show with the same premise.

We have 17 participants who have graciously agreed to come in and destroy their mouths with hot wings. Each person will eat a wing and then another wing, with each one getting hotter. The goal is to complete all ten wings, and the best part about it is, it is all for charity.

Each of these people have a certain charity they are playing for, and all the money they raise goes to the charities. So we are just hoping to bring in a lot of money for the holiday season.”

Turke, who will be emceeing the event, completed the challenge this week on WLDS 1180am’s What’s on Your Mind program.

Rachel Rohn, owner of K’ Creek said that local chef Richie Frederick made all of the sauces from scratch, so contestants will be in for a flavorful and intense experience.

Rohn detailed the event while Turke worked to complete the challenge.

Our K’s Creek event manager will be throwing the wings out for the participants. We are going to dowse the wings before hand, so they are not just sitting in the sauce…

Ryne are you fading? Are you ok?”

Turke: “That one (wing) hurt”

The event will work much like the web talk show that inspired it, as Turke will converse with the competitors for a few minutes between each wing. As Turke began to struggle a little with the intensity of the wings, Rohn said that they have a plan for motivating the contestants Saturday, should they have similar troubles part way through the challenge.

So during this on Saturday, anyone who comes out and joins us to watch, they can keep adding money to the pot, so if we start to see someone back down, we can kind of peer pressure them to keep going. They can have drinks, we will have drink specials, and anyone that wants to try one of the wings can get in on the competition…

How are you doing Ryne?”

Turke: “I’m Good! I think that was the best tasting of the three so far. Hot, but best tasting.”

Each competitor has selected their own charity of choice and all the proceeds each one raises will go toward their respective charity. Some of the charities selected are the Crisis Center Foundation, PAWS, New Directions Heating and Cooling Center, and many more.

Just some of the people who will be taking the challenge are

K’s Creek Golf Club Owner John Rohn, The Real Estate Group’s Kerris Osborn, MacMurray College Athletic Director Justin Fuhler, as well as MacMurray College Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Mick Walls,
Jacksonville Police Department’s Luke Poore, Jacksonville City Alderman Brandon Adams, and even our own WLDS/WEAI Radio’s Mark Whalen is giving it a shot.

The Hot Ones Chicken Wing Challenge for Charity starts at 6:30 pm this Saturday at K’s Creek Golf Club located at 1265 Sandusky Rd. in Jacksonville.