Consolidated election results for Greene, Cass, Scott Counties

By Benjamin Cox on April 2, 2019 at 9:49pm

The votes have been tabulated for all the races in Greene, Scott, and Cass Counties.

Greene County saw three aldermanic races and one trustee race yesterday.

In Greenfield Ward 1, John Hardwick Jr. defeated James Vinyard by 27 votes to 6.

In Roodhouse Ward 1, Dennis Cumby bested Billy Williams by a total of 38 votes to 6.

For White Hall alderman in Ward 3, Norman Coad was victorious with 50 votes. The two other two candidates, Shari Axley and Derek Kleidon, both fell short with 15 votes each.

For the Eldred Board of Trustees, Jenny Richey got the most votes at 30, Robert Vetter got 27, Robert Moss got 26, and Cody Rogers-Portwood did not achieve a seat on the Eldred Board with only 14 votes.

Also in Eldred, the proposition to impose a one percent sales tax on all purchases in the village was struck down. The proposition failed by a vote of 17 yes and 23 no.

Cass County saw two aldermanic races in Beardstown and Virginia each, as well as a Trustee race in Chandlerville.

In Beardstown Ward 2, Tim Harris overcame Kelly Cagle by a total of 95 votes to 65.

Beardstown Ward 4 saw Missy Meyer defeat Tracey Price by a total of 65 votes to 61.

In Virginia Ward 1, Brad Bowman bested Crista Stanbridge by just one vote, 37 to 36.

And in Virginia Ward 2, David Pratt had 30 votes, while Stephen Anderson only got 9.

In the Chandlerville Trustee race, Ronnie Pherigo got the most votes at 93, while Roy Brown came in second with 89 votes. Penny Meyer narrowly took the last seat from Hal Carlock, as Meyer got 64 votes and Carlock got just 61. Aaron Briar received just 12 votes.

In Scott County, the Bluffs Board of Trustees vote had 5 candidates vying for 4 seats.

Brenda Kauffman, Timothy Welch, Kimberly Schaad and Charlie Pine will be the four additions to the Bluffs Board. Monica Sturgeon received the least number of votes.