Contact Information for Ørsted Corrected on County’s Website for Lincoln Land Wind Complaints/Questions

By Benjamin Cox on August 8, 2022 at 1:22pm

Morgan County residents who have a complaint or question about the Lincoln Land Wind project now have a way to contact the project’s owner.

After concerned citizen Joana Ramsey of Alexander pointed out to the Morgan County Commissioners at a previous meeting that the contact information for Ørsted Energy, the owner of the Lincoln Land Wind project, was incorrect, the county board sought out the company to fix the information.

Brad Zeller says contact was made with the company and the county’s website is now updated with the correct information including an email address: “We made some phone calls to Ørsted Energy and talked to them about how they could streamline that process and make sure that anyone that called the hotline number was responded to in a more than adequate fashion. We want that response to be immediate. They also suggested that we put a email address up, too. We have posted that on our webpage. It does say ‘for landowners only’ on it, and that is not the case. That email is for anyone that wants to contact Ørsted.”

Citizens in the county have continued to question when Ørsted will get the Aircraft Detection Lighting System up and running so the blinking red lights will shut off out in the county.