Convention and Visitors Bureau Issues “Foodie Challange”

By Benjamin Cox on February 5, 2021 at 6:19pm

The Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is challenging residents to highlight their favorites places to eat in the Jacksonville area.

The Convention & Visitors Bureau’s “Foodie Challenge” is unique compared to the others being hosted throughout the state of Illinois. According to the announcement, the weekly challenge during the months of February and March are to help push direct sales while having locals highlight what establishment has the best food and drink. Executive Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Brittany Henry has lots to share and says the goal is to offer help.

We’re looking at helping a lot of our local restaurants and businesses during the recovery process from COVID-19.”

This is not the first time that the Convention and Visitors Bureau has hosted events or challenges to get community members participation for a good cause. Not only were other events to help keep businesses running, they got people out of their homes to see what attractions Jacksonville has to offer.

The things we kind of looked at in the beginning when we started doing things from home when COVID was very heavy. We did a bingo challenge card and we promoted buying gift cards from local restaurants. We did things as far as porch pick up or products from a boutique shop. We even did things as far as when it was nice outside, take a walk with your family and look at some of our attractions. In doing so we thought that went pretty well so that’s why we developed the graphic the foodie challenge that pushes you to desserts, drinks, dinner items, and gives suggestions very vaguely on what you have to share that experience.”

K’s Creek Bang Bang Shrimp

Along with the Foodie Challenge a new series of videos produced by Jacksonville native Ryne Turke called “That 1 Place” will be showcased on the Convention and Visitors Bureau social media platforms. This will be featuring participating local guests and their trip discussing the place that fits the theme of the week. Henry is ecstatic that Turke is offering up his skills to help highlight some of Jacksonville’s finest to locals and visitors.

I asked what’s the best local restaurant depending on what kind of cuisine we’re looking for, or what is the most sought out attraction, or maybe what’s the quirkiest thing that you can do in your community. I think Ryne is going to add a neat flare to these videos for us. He has a great personality, great with the interview process which is what we love. He is going to help interview locals in the community about what are these can not miss opportunities, that we can help share these experiences to not only those in the community but to the outside.”

Henry says she is excited that so many people are wanting to get involved and help spread the message in a safe manner of all the great things in Jacksonville.

I think it is very important for us to do these things right now its always been a digital world, but more so today. The content that we use we push out is very important. We need to be able to push out what Jacksonville has to offer. But our citizens of our own community are going to be the biggest ambassadors to do that. We wanted to build some excitement with that and work with Ryne to build some really cool videos, that we can push out on our YouTube channel and social media to use them for some neat marketing tools.”

Henry asks that the community keeps doing what they’re doing and also participate in the Chamber’s Eat, Drink, Win Challenge as well. She is so happy that these challenges are allowing others to help out and bring the community together.

Every Sunday will be the announcement of the theme for the week. On Mondays, winners will be drawn. To enter the weekly drawing is a two-step process: First, post a photo of yourself enjoying food or drink from any Jacksonville location to your favorite social media platform tagging the Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and the business with the hashtag #jacksonvilleil.

Next, send a photo of your receipt to the Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau by Facebook or Instagram direct messaging, or an email to Visit for a list of food and drink options under the dining tab. This promotion applies to curbside and delivery as well.

For more information about the Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and the events they offer, visit their website at