Cool, wet weather not cooperating with local farmers

By Ryne Turke on May 10, 2016 at 1:00pm

The cool and wet weather last week did not cooperate with local farmers.

The weekly USDA crop report shows most farmers received around three days suitable for fieldwork, resulting in a slight delay for corn and soybean numbers.

Crop statistician Mark Schleusener breaks down the numbers.

“Corn planting advanced 12 points and is now 78 percent complete. That is compared to 83 percent a year ago and 56 percent for the five year average. Forty-six percent of corn acreage has emerged, compared to 34 percent last year and 27 percent normally,” says Schleusener.

Corn planting in the West Southwest District is at 91 percent and 70 percent has emerged.

Soybean planting is now at 19 percent finished, behind last year’s 27 percent and a little ahead of the five year average of 15 percent. The local district is reporting 28 percent of the crop in the ground and two percent of that has emerged.

Local topsoil was seven percent short, 78 percent adequate and 15 percent surplus. Subsoil for the week was 10 percent short, 85 percent adequate and five percent surplus.

Precipitation and temperatures were both lower than average in Illinois. The state averaged 0.43 inches of rainfall, down 0.60 inches from normal. Temperatures dropped about one degree around the state, registering an average of 57 degrees.