County Board Approves Appointments, Funds to JREDC For Census

By Benjamin Cox on February 10, 2020 at 10:16am

The Morgan County Commissioners moved through a relatively quick agenda this morning. Commissioner Bill Meier was not present this morning due to a personal matter. The commissioners approved bills for the first portion of February at $71,794.65. $2,000 of that money will be going to the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation for census efforts in Morgan County. Chairman Bradley Zeller explained that the money is going towards securing an accurate population count. Zeller said that Dusty Douglas of the Regional Planning Commission had proposed that the board send the money for the census back in January. He said that money will help ensure that the JREDC has the money for resources to pay individuals to help capture the census as well as pay for materials to raise awareness about the importance of an accurate population count.

Zeller says its important for the county to be counted properly because it will effect federal and state representation. He said that Morgan County could be moved into different districts after the census is taken due to population shift. He said that having an accurate census count will also effect how and if the county will receive state and federal grants and aid money.

Zeller says that if Morgan County’s population comes in below it’s current number that it will not effect current services. Zeller and Commissioner Ginny Fanning unanimously approved Dr. Charles Reeve to a 3 year term on the West Central Joint Emergency Systems board as Passavant Area Hospital’s Representative, reappointed James Bailey to the North Scott Fire Protection District Board, and approved 6 individuals to the Davis Cemetery Board. Zeller said during the meeting that local lawyer Eddie Carpenter will help the board determine the length of term for the cemetery board’s appointments.

The board will not be in session on Monday February 17th due to President’s Day. Their next regularly scheduled meeting is February 24th .