County Market Pulls Mobile Ordering Trailer Out of Carrollton

By Benjamin Cox on October 7, 2021 at 5:38pm

Greene County residents no longer have a chance to order groceries from County Market. The Greene Prairie Press reports that County Market has pulled their mobile trailer out of Carrollton this week.

Carrollton Mayor Mike Snyder announced Monday that County Market had pulled the trailer because orders had diminished and it was no longer profitable for the company to ship over orders from their store in Girard.

County Market approached Carrollton city officials back in May after the Kroger stores in Carrollton and White Hall closed about bringing the trailer in for a trial of the service. The service allowed customers to order their groceries from a mobile app that would then be delivered from Girard twice a week to the trailer in Carrollton.

According to the Greene Prairie Press, the trailer was actually a market study for Niemann Foods, the company that owns County Market, to see if building and operating a store in the city would be economically viable.

Boyd Hospital had given the trailer a three month lease at the former IGA location south of the square; and according to the Greene Prairie Press, local businesses and a number of individuals were paying electricity costs for the trailer to remain in operation.

Snyder says the fact that people had to order online, couldn’t pick out certain items on their own, and that people had to meet a $30 minimum order was likely the reason things failed. Snyder says he believes many in Greene County have adapted and found new ways to buy groceries either by using the options available or by going out of town.