Court Denies Manker Filing Against Village Electoral Board Decision

By Jeremy Coumbes on February 17, 2021 at 4:34pm

A South Jacksonville candidate for Village President will remain off the ballot.

Tyson Manker’s petition for judicial review of the South Jacksonville Electoral Board’s decision from their January 12th hearing that ultimately led to Manker’s removal from the April ballot was heard in Morgan County Court this afternoon.

Manker argued that the objection filed against Manker’s Petition for nomination to the ballot by his opponent Dick Samples did not comply with Illinois election law in that he did not state what relief he was seeking in filing the objection.

Manker also argued that the Electoral Board incorrectly interpreted election law in denying his motion to strike Samples’ objection based on those grounds.

Attorney for the Village Electoral Board Roger W. Holmes of Hay and Stephens LLP in Springfield argued that the Electoral Board was reviewing the factual evidence of Samples’ objection and that the only common-sense conclusion of the relief he sought was the removal of Manker from the ballot.

Morgan County Circuit Court Judge Chris Reif stated during the proceedings that he was not going beyond the consideration of the motion to strike filed by Manker nor consider the issue of the Statement of Economic Interest as Manker’s petition was filed solely on the issue of the denial of his motion to strike.

In the end, Judge Reif sided with the Village of South Jacksonville stating that he believes the question of what relief was sought by Samples was known to all.

Following the ruling, Manker said despite the ruling, residents of the village will still be able to vote for him come April.

Well I’m honestly disappointed by the decision of the court but it’s quite alright because our campaign continues on. I’m for certain going to be a write-in candidate for the election in April.”

Holmes said following the ruling that they agreed with the ruling of the court and were pleased with the decision. Samples, who was also in attendance, had no comment after the proceedings.

Manker has 30 days to file an appeal. Judge Reif said given the time-sensitive nature of the matter, he advised Manker that should he file an appeal, he request the Circuit Clerk to notify him immediately of the filing.