Court still waiting on mental fitness examination for murder suspects Finlaw and Van Avery

By Gary Scott on September 18, 2018 at 3:44pm

Two murder suspects appeared in front of the Morgan County court for status hearings this morning.

Eighteen year old Dustin Finlaw, of Meredosia, and 25-year old Glenn Van Avery, of South Jacksonville, both appeared in Morgan County court this morning for status hearing on two separate murder cases.

Finlaw is accused of the murder of 43-year old Robert Utter of Rushville, back in May. Finlaw was scheduled for a status hearing in regards to his mental fitness this morning in front of the Morgan County court. Along with his Attorney, Public Defender Tom Piper, Finlaw appeared in front of Circuit Judge Chris Reif and Morgan County State’s Attorney Gray Noll. In regards to his mental fitness, Piper informed that court that he has received a report from the state, however, according to State’s Attorney Noll, that report has yet to be received by the court.

A similar instance occurred with Van Avery. Attorney Piper informed the court that he had received an oral report from Dr. Killeen regarding Van Avery’s fitness, however he has yet to receive a written report to give to the State’s Attorney’s Office. Noll says the court is still waiting on the official report before proceeding.

Both Finlaw and Van Avery had their cases continued until those mental fitness examinations can be reviewed by the state. Both Finlaw and Van Avery’s next court date is scheduled for October 2nd at 10 a.m.