Court to Hear Media Suit in May, QUANADA Subpoenaed in Bliefnick Murder Trial

By Benjamin Cox on April 21, 2023 at 7:12am

Motions in the Timothy Bliefnick murder trial continue to be outside of the public view for now.

The Adams County Circuit Court went on the second day of motions today in the murder trial of Timothy Bliefnick. Bliefnick is accused of murdering his estranged wife, Rebecca Bliefnick, in the home they once owned together back in February.

On Wednesday, Circuit Judge Robert Adrian said he would hear motions in the suit to unseal records in the case on May 3rd. Muddy River News, WGEM-TV and the Quincy Herald-Whig filed the joint suit to vacate a ruling by Adrian that places a blanket sealing of all pleadings in the Bliefnick case. The ruling also closes all hearings in the court during the evidentiary phase of the case. According to Muddy River News, the state and defense have both agreed to the process.

Assistant State’s Attorney Josh Jones and defense attorney Casey Schnack have asked that the unsealing of motions be done on a case-by-case basis. Both attorneys argue that it be done this way to ensure that jury pool in the case not be tainted and that Timothy Bliefnick receive a fair trial. Jones has said that once the jury is seated and the trial begins, all evidence in the case should be opened to the public.

The news outlets are being represented by well-known media and government law attorney Donald Craven of Springfield in the case.

On Thursday, defense attorney Schnack said, according to Muddy River News, that the state must prove that there was domestic violence in the Bliefnicks’ relationship with one another. As a result, records from local domestic violence service QUANADA have been subpoenaed in the case. Schnack said the evidence could provide an inference that there was no domestic violence or if other services were rendered to Rebecca Bliefnick. Schnack also said Tim Bliefnick had received services from QUANADA and the state is seeking to prohibit those records entered in this case.

Judge Adrian questioned QUANADA’s attorney Will Meckes why the group would not disclose the nature of the counseling received, if any, to Rebecca Bliefnick. Gerald Timmerwilke, representing Rebecca Bliefnick’s estate said that a formal release would be given to QUANADA o release any related documents, if they exist, to the court. Adrian asked them to be turned over within seven days for him to review and make his ruling.

After 40 minutes of reviewing non-evidentiary motions, according to Muddy River News, representatives from all the Quincy media outlets were escorted from the courtroom as ordered for the remaining motions.

Timothy Bliefnick continues to be held without bond at the Adams County Jail.

The next scheduled hearing is the media hearing on May 3rd with the start of the trial to begin May 22nd.