Craft Brew Fest Moves Up and Expands to Become Maifest

By Jeremy Coumbes on April 13, 2022 at 4:12pm

Jacksonville Main Street is gearing up for the spring and summer season downtown. The Annual Summer Concert Series kicks off on June 3rd with returning artist C.J. Ryder and the Past Masters. Executive Director of Jacksonville Main Street, Judy Tighe says the setup for the concert series will stay in its familiar format.

We will still have vendors for food and obviously encourage people to come downtown, get there early, and shop. Go around to the stores and see what they have available. There are a lot of cool stores downtown. Familiarize yourself, come back after the concert. Some of them will be staying open late. So grab some food and come on over. We’ve got picnic tables out there. It’s a family-friendly environment so bring the kids. It’s just so relaxed, almost like it’s the community’s homecoming.”

Changes are coming to the Craft Brew Fest however as Tighe says that event has been moved up in the year and is combined to now become the Maifest. “We’re kicking off our events season at the end of this month with Maifest. It used to be that our Craft Brew fest was in the summer and it was always one hundred and fifty degrees outside so the organizers of it decided that maybe the springtime would be a little bit better so we are doing it on April 30th.”

Tighe says organizers are expecting many micro-breweries, home brewers, wineries, and a few distributors supplying popular local and national craft beers. Live music, Maifest dancers, and food trucks will also be on hand.

Admissions is $25 to include a tasting glass and 20 drink samples. For more information, contact Melissa Hebron at (217)473-5081