Crowded Race for Illinois U.S. Senate Seat Shaping Up for 2020

By Benjamin Cox on August 8, 2019 at 9:40am

The Illinois U.S. Senate race is burgeoning with candidates on the Republican ticket. Five people have come out on the Republican side to vie for a spot to challenge Dick Durbin, current Democrat Sen

Dr. Robert Marshall

ate Minority leader in 2020. Durbin has served four terms in the U.S. Senate and won his first election in 1996, defeating Republican Al Salvi succeeding the retiring Paul Simon.

Dr. Robert Marshall, a Harvard-educated radiologist and Vietnam Veteran from Berwyn who ran as a Democrat in 2015’s primary against Durbin, is now vying to run in opposition to him this time around on the GOP ticket. Marshall has ran on platforms of restructuring the State of Illinois and the federal government’s power structure. Marshall has stated that he will work for health care reform, responsible environmental policies and as an advocate for the middle class.

Peggy Hubbard, a native of St. Louis and now a resident of Belleville is a a U.S. Navy veteran a

Peggy Hubbard

nd former police officer with the St. Louis Police Department and a retired IRS analyst and a self-described Harley Davidson enthusiast. Hubbard has a strong focus on family issues, the 2nd Amendment, and National Security in her campaign. She is also looking at establishment politicians who continue to neglect low-income communities.

The most recent candidate for the GOP is former 56 year old Lake County sheriff Mark Curran of Libertyville. Curran recently gave up on a recount for re-election in the county and decided to seek the U.S. Senate position instead, according to reports from the State-Journal Register. Curran is scheduling to

Mark Curran

make his official announcement for the candidacy on August 15th at Republican Day at the State Fair told the Journal Register that Durbin has become “a creature of Washington” who has forgotten his own home state. Curran was first elected to his sheriff’s position as a Democrat back in 2006 but would switch to the GOP in 2008. Curran has asked for comprehensive immigration reform compared to the other candidates. He also backed state legislation that would not allow local law enforcement

officials detain illegal immigrants on behalf of U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement without a warrant.

Dean Sepplefrick a Sugar Grove, Illinois based candidate is a graduate of Aurora University and has spent the past 19 years working for a food retailer. He says that his ideology of politics isn’t clearly one party over the other and offers himself as an alternative to other mainstream candidates. A fifth candidate, Omeed Memar has been embattled in a

Dean Seppelfrick

health care fraud case with the State of Illinois. The 49 year old dermatologist is currently serving 3 years of court supervision and community service as well as having his dermatologist license suspended after he was convicted of of telling insurance companies that a cosmetic laser treatment he used on eight patients was actually a treatment for a precancerous condition that none of the eight patients remembered having, according to ABC7 Chicago. Memar’s current stances on political issues are not currently known.

Omeed Memar

Democrats have hinted at challenging Durbin with two notable names in Illinois state politics. Former Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and 17th Illinois District Representative Cheri Bustos have been rumored to enter on the Democrat side. Representative Rodney Davis, former AG candidate Erika Harold and Representative Darin LaHood have also been rumored to potentially throw their names in on the Republican side against the 5 other challengers.

The 74 year old East St. Louis born Durbin will likely have a fight on his hands despite his rank in the Senate Chamber come next year’s primary season.