Dale Bainter is Shooting for 80 percent COVID coverage in Morgan County

By Gary Scott on February 26, 2021 at 9:49am

Morgan County Health Department director Dale Bainter feels confident the COVID vaccinations will cover most who want the vaccine by late spring or early summer.

            Bainter says nearly 900 vaccinations were administered yesterday at the fairgrounds, and at Passavant Hospital.

            Bainter talks about eventually opening up shots for all

            He says the regiment now is controlled by the number of vaccinations made available from the state, and how many are distributed here. The intention is to make sure those who most need the shots, get them

            Bainter says the regimented routine now used, will eventually give way to a process now used for regular flu shots.

             He is realy shooting for 80-percent coverage in the county which would give Morgan that herd mentaility.

            The vaccinations are now available to those 65 and older, and others with health issues. People should call 479-1817 to make an appointment. Do not call the regular health department number.