Davidsmeyer Bill Hopes To Give Veteran Preference in IDOT Snowbird Program

By Benjamin Cox on April 26, 2021 at 8:38am

A local representative has had legislation passed to help Veteran’s get in on an IDOT program a little easier

100th District Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer’s bill to close a loophole in the IDOT Snowbirds program has passed the Illinois House and now heads to the Senate for final approval.

According to Davidsmeyer, the snowbird hiring process is not affected by veteran’s preference: “There was a concern in the new contract for IDOT employees that gave Snowbirds and part-time employees a leg up on veterans. The original intent on when we passed the Veterans Hiring Preference was to make sure that we were giving veterans a leg up for their service. What this [bill] does is it says that when we are looking to hire Snowbirds and part-time employees at IDOT, we will use the Veterans’ Preference for that part-time hiring and that way it gives them a leg up on their way in.”

House Bill 3716 provides that veterans shall be preferred for appointment to and employment with IDOT for the positions of snow removal operator and winter salaried highway maintainer under IDOT’s Winter Seasonal Employment Program. The Bill passed the Illinois House on Friday 107-3. It now heads to the Illinois Senate for consideration.