Davidsmeyer Hopeful for Clear Vision from the Governor

By Gary Scott on February 15, 2021 at 11:55am

A local state representative is anxious to hear what Governor JB Pritzker has to say in his state of the state message Wednesday.

            The governor will deliver that message that begins the legislative process. Pritzker will return later for the budget message.

            100th district state representative CD Davidsmeyer says he know what he wants the governor to say Wednesday.

              That’s an acknowledgement of the financial mess the state is in, and a decision to cinch up the financial belt. He wants no more new spending, and a review of key spending bills over the past five years.

            The Jacksonville republican knows that democrat party platforms will probably be a part of the message.

           But he is hopeful that new House speaker Chris Welch will be more open to ideas from across the aisle.

            It’s a different atmosphere in Springfield now. Out as house speaker is Michael Madigan, and in is Chicago area representative Chris Welch. Davidsmeyer began his service in Springfield at the same time as Welch. He says they have had healthy debate in the past, and he’s hopeful Welch will be more open to compromise.