Davidsmeyer Student Residency Bill Passes IL House

By Benjamin Cox on May 20, 2024 at 5:55am

State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer’s bill that would close a loophole in custody exchanges and questions around a student’s school residency passed the Illinois House last Tuesday.

Davidsmeyer says it continues to provide stability to the child and keeps the costs down on the parents: “Senate Bill 2824 is a bill that simply says that if a foster child is taken away from their family and given to a foster family, whether it’s somebody they are related to or not related to so it could be the non-custodial parent, their grandparents – but what we are trying to do here is that we’re saying that if they are taken outside of the boundaries of their current school district but the Department of Children & Family Services decides that they are better off in staying in their current school district, that school district cannot charge tuition for them to remain in that stable environment.”

Davidsmeyer’s bill was co-sponsored by Steve McClure in the Senate. It now heads to the Governor’s Desk.