Davidsmeyer Talks Move to Murrayville Due to Redistricting

By Benjamin Cox on June 9, 2023 at 8:59am

100th District Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer has a new home attached to his name in the General Assembly.

Due to residency requirements after the remapping of the legislative districts, Davidsmeyer had to move out of his hometown of Jacksonville because it no longer fell in his legislative district. avidsmeyer saw his 100th District move south of Interstate 72. Jacksonville now falls in the 99th Legislative District represented by Republican Randy Frese of Paloma.

Davidsmeyer says he’s renting property in Murrayville for the time being to be in compliance: “I’m an official rural Murrayvillian. It’s certainly different. We are renting right now. We are still looking to see what the real estate market does on property and whatever else. I’ve said all along that I’m still around. I’m still in office. If people need help, they can still come to my office. We are still in the same location in Jacksonville. We are sharing with Senator Jil Tracy. We are still here. We are still helping the same people. The district goes further down into the Alton area now. We get a little bit more of Godfrey down south and half of Macoupin County. We get a little bit further up into southern Adams County and Brown County; but really, we are serving the same basic constituents on the same issues. So, we’re still here.”

Davidsmeyer told the Journal Courier that literature and communication from his office should reflect the change soon. Davidsmeyer has represented Jacksonville in the General Assembly since being first elected in 2012.