Davis Accuses Miller of Being a Tax Dodger; Miller Accuses Davis of Being a RINO

By Benjamin Cox on April 5, 2022 at 1:54pm

The battle for the new 15th Congressional district between two Republican incumbents is turning bitter.

On Thursday, the Rodney Davis campaign released a slough of public records about Mary Miller’s business practices.

The Davis campaign revealed that Miller’s farm, which she shares with her husband State Representative Chris Miller in Oakland, is incorporated in the State of Delaware, which the Davis campaign classifies as a tax shelter.

According to the public records release, the Davis Campaign says that the State of Illinois and Coles County have both levied fines, penalties, and liens against Mary Miller’s farming operations for failing to pay business taxes and property taxes and make unemployment insurance contributions. According to the records release, Miller even had her business license revoked by the Illinois Secretary of State for failure to pay taxes in 2019.

The Miller campaign hit back with an ad questioning Davis’ loyalty to former Republican President Donald Trump and the Republican Party by accusing Davis of supporting Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney and Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The video also claims that Davis supports the Black Lives Matter movement. Miller also calls Davis a RINO, the acronym meaning Republican In Name Only.

On Monday, Miller had hit the Davis campaign with a Bloomington Pantagraph article about his alleged support of a “red flag” law for gun owners. On March 21st, Miller received endorsement from Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz for her campaign. Miller has also received endorsement from embattled Trump advisor Mark Meadows in recent weeks.

Either way, the race to November and the General Election will see the winner of the primary face off against Quincy Democrat Paul J. Lange to return to Congress.