Davis comments on GMO Labeling Requirement Bill

By Ryne Turke on July 21, 2016 at 5:35am

A local congressman is commenting on the progress being made by a GMO Labeling Requirement bill.

Rodney Davis, who also serves as chairman of the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Biotech, Horticulture and Research, was a key component of the Senate Bill 764, which cleared the House earlier this month.

In a press release, Davis states that “nearly one year ago, 275 bipartisan House members voted on a bill to establish a voluntary nation-wide program that would give consumers access to information about their food, protect advancements in food production and end the patchwork of state laws threatening interstate commerce.”

“Agriculture biotechnology, which has proven time after time to be safe, ensures Americans have access to affordable food and is essential to addressing the world’s growing hunger needs. While I still believe the voluntary approach, like the label used for organic foods, is the best approach, the clock has run out and farmers in my district need certainty. This bill will provide that.”

According to Davis, the bill will provide food companies with the option of either including an on-package disclosure, a symbol indicating GMO ingredients or an electronic label on products containing GMO ingredients.

To hear Davis’ speech during the house floor debate on Senate Bill 764, go to our website at WLDS/WEAI.com.