Davis, LaHood Say They Were Absent From Cheney Vote

By Benjamin Cox on May 13, 2021 at 7:12pm

Two local Republican Congressman apparently missed the vote to oust Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney yesterday.

Politico reports that 13th District Congressman Rodney Davis wasn’t at the voice vote that took place to remove Cheney for her leadership position in the House GOP. Davis told Politico Congressional reporter Olivia Beavers that he had a meeting that went long. Davis told Beavers and said in a released written statement yesterday that he has been long-time friends with Cheney and that he whipped for her when she ran for the leadership position.

Politico further reports that 18th District Congressman Darin LaHood was seen arriving late to the vote, but has still not provided an answer on whether or not to remove Cheney from the GOP Conference Chair. LaHood’s written statement yesterday afternoon thanked Cheney for her service to the party and called on Republicans to unite to work on issues they have taken with current President Joe Biden’s agenda.

Davis and LaHood have been criticized by some media outlets for not condemning former President Donald Trump’s alleged role in the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Both Congressmen were the chairmen of Trump’s re-election efforts in the state.