Davis Pens Letter to Biden Asking Administration to Change Course to Ease Supply Chain, Pandemic Issues

By Benjamin Cox on November 8, 2021 at 2:30pm

A local Congressman is blaming the current presidential administration’s policies for exacerbating the international supply chain issues and rising inflation on goods.

By now, everyone in the country has felt some sort of the issues with not being able to get an order for a product or paying higher prices on everyday consumer goods.

13th District Congressman Rodney Davis says that Biden Administration and the Democratic majority in Washington D.C. Are making those problems worse with their current string of policies and COVID-19 response.

In a letter to President Joe Biden on October 20th, Davis accuses the current policies of prolonging unemployment, spurring inflation, limiting the international transportation system, and driving up energy costs.

The global supply chain issues and disruptions in manufacturing date back to early last Spring when the globe’s manufacturing communities in Europe and Southeast Asia largely shuttered due to pandemic response. In response, shipping companies cut their schedules in anticipation of a drop in demand for moving goods around the world. A shortage in shipping containers, a demand on different goods, and ships getting stuck in ports have all continued the problem for the past 18 months.

Davis and House Republicans believe that the Biden Administration’s current efforts to pass the massive social spending Build Back Better Plan will cause the inflation on goods currently having trouble finding its way to consumers will be driven even higher. According to logistics reports, shortages and delays are expected to last well beyond this year.

You can read the full letter at the link attached here.