Deadline Approaching For Nomination For Vacant Morgan County Treasurer Position

By Benjamin Cox on July 22, 2020 at 3:35pm

The Morgan County Commissioners are nearing the date to fill a vacancy in the county’s executive office of Treasurer. The late Jenny Geirnaeirt passed away on June 12th. The commissioners have until August 12th to implement a new candidate under Illinois Compiled Statute.

Morgan County Commissioner Ginny Fanning says that the Morgan County Republican Central Committee has yet to caucus nor have they received communication from Central Committee Chair Steve Hardin yet on when a nominee may be selected: “I did visit with Mr. Hardin last week and remind him that 60 days from the date of Jenny’s death is fast approaching and when our scheduled board meetings are. Of course, this week’s meeting on Monday was too quick to have caucused the Republican committee. My understanding is that in the next 2 weeks, he is going to caucus and perhaps interview all of the applicants, and then have a nominee to present to the board. Hopefully by August 10th, which is our next board meeting we will have a nominee, though we could meet on August 3rd if necessary.”

Fanning says there are currently 10 applicants in the pool to possibly replace Geirnaeirt. Fanning says that the Treasurer’s Office has continued to function well in the absence of a sitting treasurer. Chief Deputy Crystal Myers has been running the office since Geirnaeirt’s passing. Fanning says that Myers and Deputy Rachel Lane have been doing good work despite the circumstances: “We are very impressed with the staff that Jenny has secured in the Treasurer’s Office. They are doing a phenomenal job. The software company has been very supportive and helped the ladies out in that respect. I think they are doing an excellent job, but we definitely need someone in the Treasurer’s seat to move forward.”

The treasurer’s office will have the next sitting treasurer by the 2nd installment of property tax due on September 10th.