Detached Electric Line Causes South Main House Fire

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 5, 2021 at 6:22pm

The Jacksonville Fire Department responded to a house fire Monday morning.

The fire department on on scene for approximately 90 minutes Monday morning after passersby witnessed an active electrical wire had pulled away from the residence and was causing sparks. The witnesses alerted the homeowner to the issue.

According to a Jacksonville Fire Department report, a call came in just after 8am of an electrical transformer that had blown up. Upon investigation it was discovered one of the hot feed electrical lines was in contact with an aluminum gutter which was shorting on aluminum siding covering the home.

Smoke could be seen coming from multiple points on the north side of the house including the soffit. An electrician who had been contacted by the homeowner arrived on scene and assisted with clearing the line which fire department officials say de-energized the house.

Extensive smoke was present in both the attic and interior of the home. Firefighters discovered flames inside the wall after removing plaster from the north side. Approximately 20 feet of siding was also removed to access the fire which was able to be completely extinguished.

Damage to the home is estimated at $40,000.00 according to the report.