Director of Rehabilitation Services Discusses Passavant’s Continued Growth

By Gary Scott on January 24, 2017 at 2:19pm

Many of Passavant Area’s Hospital’s growing departments are helping hundreds of local citizens get back on their feet with recovery and rehabilitation services.

Featured on WLDS’ AM Conversation this morning was Passavant’s Director of Rehabilitation Services Trevor Huffman, who says his department has grown rather quickly in the past few years.

Huffman says as the hospital continues to grow in a number of areas, there’s a good chance Passavant could expand even more in the coming years.

As for potential patients, Huffman explains the procedures they’re taken through once they arrive at Passavant. He says the ultimate goal is to teach patients how to take care of themselves and avoid future trips to the hospital.

According to Huffman, Passavant’s Team Rehab also assists various athletic teams at approximately 15 area schools, covering both games and tournaments. To speak with a member of Team Rehab about acquiring these services for your local school, call 245-9541, ext. 3397.