District 117 Approves Purchase of Modular Classrooms

By Gary Scott on January 26, 2017 at 5:30am

District 117 Board Members approved the purchase of Modular Classrooms used by Turner Junior High at last night’s special meeting.

As of now, the modular classrooms are being used to house Turner’s 8th grade students.

Superintendent Steve Ptacek explains how the Board started the process of exploring what it would cost to leave the modular classrooms there permanently.

Ptacek says that the modular classrooms could save the district money and be used for several decades.

Ptacek says these modular classrooms could for a variety of ways for a number of students throughout the district.

Also at last night’s special meeting, the Board discussed what the next steps will be in regards to the school boundary process. After reviewing several possible scenarios, Ptacek says he will conduct further analysis on the socioeconomic impact of each scenario and likely give an additional public presentation in the coming months.