District 117 bringing in new teacher evaluation program

By Gary Scott on July 20, 2016 at 9:37pm

District 117 board members hope a new evaluation program will make life easier for administrators.

After much discussion, TalentEd was selected over other options like Evaluwise, MyOasys, and Teachboost. Superintendent Steve Ptacek says the program will make an immediate impact in the upcoming school year.

“Our administrators are being taxed with amount of time they’re having to work on teacher evaluations. We’re putting in new evaluation systems this year, and this is a software program that’s just going to greatly expedite the process for our principles, allow them to get this done in a much more quicker manner, and therefore free up a lot of their time as educational leaders in the building,” says Ptacek.

Ptacek estimates the TalentEd program will cost around $20,000.

As for an update on the Vision 117 process…

“We’re very excited that Lincoln actually appears to be ahead of schedule. Turner is going to be right where we want it to be, but there’s going to have to be a little bit of adaptability this upcoming year with all the students transferring from their regular classrooms into electives and to gym and to cafeteria. But I think it’s going to work very well, and the end product of a brand new school is well worth any of the inconveniences we might face,” Ptacek explains.

A style guide was unanimously approved last night for Jacksonville High School and Jacksonville Middle School uniforms. According to the proposal, logos must be red and white with cream puff cursive. Secondary colors must include black or grey. The primary logo will be the “J” in Player Pro Bold font.

Other action during the meeting included accepting a bid for a new sprinkler system and approving extracurricular code changes.