District 117 Dealing With Fallout From Racist Snapchat Video

By Benjamin Cox on February 28, 2020 at 11:54am

Jacksonville School District 117 and the Jacksonville Police Department are dealing with the fall out of a video posted by two juveniles to Snapchat depicting racial slurs and offensive language. Springfield Leaks, a news source in Sangamon County, received a copy of the video and has posted the names of the students and the video. An increased police presence was at Jacksonville Middle School yesterday. Middle School Principal Gary Barlow would not confirm or deny to Springfield Leaks if the extra presence was because of the video, despite speculation by many parents on social media. Parents also have alleged death threats were made towards the students depicted in the videos.

Superintendent Steve Ptacek made a post to Facebook this morning addressing the issue saying he is investigating the matter and he will be releasing a statement later this afternoon after receiving several calls and communications from parents over the last 2 days.